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Why Choose Hair Extensions Instead Of Dye?

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Years ago, dye would have seemed the singular way of changing your hair dramatically if you were tired of the hair color you were born with. Today, however, high-quality extensions are changing the hair game. You can get blue, blonde, or red hair without affecting your hair at all. Why use extensions when you want a color change?

Protecting Natural Hair

Your natural hair already deals with heat, styling products, and the environment. Dye chemicals could fry or otherwise damage your hair; you may get new color but hair that looks less healthy. In fact, that may have kept you away from dye in the past.

Extensions can be taped, clipped, or sewn in without harming your natural strands. When you want a break from color, your hair still looks good.

Feeling Uncertain

Wanting to look like a dark-haired beauty or blonde bombshell may lead to deep embarrassment if your choice makes you look washed out and pale. Hating a dye job will require many weeks for all color to fade unless you book another salon appointment right away, risking too much processing chemicals and damage.

Before you bleach or dye hair, consider problem-free extensions. If you love life as a blonde or raven-haired person, dye it then.

If you're also toying with cutting your hair or changing up the style completely, extensions provide the freedom to try drastic changes without chopping your hair in the process. This is possible with sew-in or tape-in extensions because your natural hair will be braided or held back. If you love whatever look you try, you can keep extensions or make more permanent decisions about your natural tresses.

Keeping Color

Dye requires a regiment of commitment. You'll need to use special shampoos, steer away from pools, and decide when it's best to wash -- or not wash -- your hair. That's because dye inevitably washes out or fades, and the first day you sport your new color is the highest point of your look until you get it redone. 

Clip-in extensions, by contrast, will never fade if you remove them when you have contact with water. Your bold color will remain when you're eager to look your best. No one will notice your roots coming in, either.

Discovering the versatility of hair extensions opens up a world of styles and looks for you. You may never dye again. Speak with a representative from a hair salon such as Pepper Hair Haus who can explain all extension types and recommend certain textures or styles.