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Does Your New Status As An Influencer Make You Cringe When You View Your Pics? 3 Botox Tips For Men In The Public Eye

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When you first started posting on social media, you might not have cared too much about your appearance. For the most part, a quick brush of your hair, a well-styled outfit, and an interesting background were all it took to take a pic that you could upload. Now, however, people have started to pay attention. While it's great to have followers who look to you for advice, you may also be acutely aware of how every detail of your posts is noticed. Now that your new internet celebrity status is bringing your appearance into sharper focus, you can use these tips to get Botox treatments without being too obvious.

Identify Your Hot Spots

You've likely discovered a few areas that bother you just from zooming in on your pictures. However, it is important to take a realistic look at your facial features to determine which fine lines and wrinkles really need to go. For many men, the furrows between the brow are frustrating since they can create the illusion of anger when your face is at rest. You may also want to tackle the crow's feet around your eyes or the frown lines around your lips. Take note of these areas so that you are prepared to communicate your preferences when you go in for your consultation.

Remember That Less is More

You may want to tackle every wrinkle on your face. However, this is not always the best way to get natural results. A few fine lines are normal for men as they age, and you want to avoid wiping them all out since this can create a mask-like effect. Instead, consider leaving a few laugh lines around your eyes that look natural when you are taking a sunshine-filled pic on the beach. You might also want to go lighter with the Botox injections on areas of your face that you want to move freely as you talk in your videos. For instance, your eyebrows should be able to raise slightly when you make certain expressions, so having the injections done with a lighter touch keeps you from looking like you had a treatment done.

Plan for Some Maintenance

Most likely, you put some care into the maintenance of your camera, your car, and even your wardrobe. Similar to all of these things, Botox treatments do require some maintenance. You can make your smooth skin last longer by wearing sunscreen and avoiding excessive rubbing at the injections sites. Then, be sure to pop in for regular touch-ups that help you maintain a consistent look in your social media posts.